Need A Custom Screen Saver?

What can we provide?

We can provide you or your company with a custom screen saver written specifically for your needs. We can make a screen saver that is excellent for enterprise wide deployment, or company promotions.

Enterprise Screen Saver

Our enterprise screen saver uses a specific image that can only be changed by a member of your internal staff using a special administraion utility that we provide. This screen saver is a perfect compliment to a professional Windows95 implementation.

Promotional Screen Saver

Our promotional screen saver is very similar to our enterprise screen saver. The only difference is that the image used is compiled into the screen saver, and can not be changed. This screen saver is a good 'freebie' for giving away at trade shows, company web sites, and other company promotions.

Both screen savers are licensed for unlimited distribution, without royalty.

For more information, and pricing, please contact the author directly via e-mail @